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M-Ride is a home based travel agent in the "Republic of the Union of Myanmar", and also known as Burma. This is a country in Southeast Asia with a common border with China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. It is bordered by the Andaman Sea to the south and the Bay of Bengal to the southwest, with approximately 2,000 kilometers of coastline in total.


Myanmar, in addition to the Burmese majority, includes more than 130 ethnic minorities with their own languages ​​and cultures. They represent almost a third of the population and occupy more than half of the territory. Seven groups are recognized by the government: Shan, Mon, Kayin, Kayah, Chin, Kachin and Rakan. Buddhism in Burma is under the predominant influence of the Theravada tradition, rigorously mixed with local beliefs. Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are practiced by a small percentage of the population, usually with in minority ethnic groups.


Myanmar produces precious stones such as ruby, sapphire and jade. Rubies are the most important resource: 90% of the rubies in the world come from this country to which its red stones are prized for their purity and hue. Thailand buys most of the gems. Burma's "Valley of the Rubies" described by the French writer Joseph Kessel, located in the mountainous region of Mogok, 200 km north of Mandalay, is famous for its rare rubies "pigeon blood" and blue sapphires.


Myanmar has a great variety of landscapes, climates and cultural diversities which makes it perfect for motorcycle adventure.


Until now, Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and unknown destinations in the world. A land of beauty and breathtaking charm, which is just beginning to get talked about.

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