" Once you have heard the call of the East you will never hear anything else.

Only the smells of spicy garlic and the sunshine and the palm trees

On the road to Mandalay will remain, haunting you... "


Rudyard Kipling, Mandalay



M-Ride offers different motorcycle trips in Myanmar, adapted to your needs and desires. Are you an intrepid biker looking to drive miles and miles, or are you more into an easy- rider mood ? We have a solution that suits you.


M-Ride is a human scale experience. The different stops in various locations will allow you to meet these charming and hospitable people.


When travelling with M-Ride, you can be confident that you will ride in the best and safest conditions, with a very experienced Myanmar-French team, for a perfect motorcycle adventure in Myanmar lands.



Discover the heart of Myanmar

Duration : 11 days trip (Riding 8 Days)

Total distance to ride : 1025 KM

It is freshly landed in Mandalay that we meet you for a unique trip in the heart of Myanmar. Riding your Royal Enfield across the arid plains in the direction of Bagan, a former city of the ninth century (World Heritage Site). As you progress, the landscape becomes hillier and you find yourself facing the mountainous Shan country. You will have to climb up passes and reach the lakeside city of Inle. Around road bends, stupas covered with creepers may indicate a way to remote villages. Here we encounter one of the largest ethnic varieties of Southeast Asia, where ancestral lifestyles and religious practices have been preserved, sometimes older than Buddhism ... Starting your journey with us, is a mystical epic timeless trip that you will experience riding on your Royal Enfield.




Epic raid across mountains

Duration : 6 days trip (Riding 5 days)

Total distance to ride : 515 KM


Let’s get out of the heat of Mandalay to reach the freshness of the Shan's hills.

On the road, old resort towns and old British outposts as well as other vestiges of the British Indian Empire. On the way, a beautiful waterfall and a huge cave packed with Buddha statues. Along the lakes, through the rice paddies, or on the succession of small mountainous curved roads lined with coffee and tea plantations, your Royal Enfield will carry you for your adventure in a scenery of beauty, with unexpected encounters in these regions still full of mysteries.


Deep dive into old traditions

Duration : 4 days trip (Riding 4 days)

A journey between the waters and the sky, on the shores of the great lakes of the Inle region to the peaks of the mountains that surround them, populated by the Shan, Danu, Intha and Pa-Oh ethnic groups, mainly farmers and fishermen, proud, very hospitable and for some of them great warriors. At the extreme south of the lakes is the small Kayah State. This is an opportunity to enjoy the calm of its capital Loïkaw, to discover waterfalls, caves, taste the delicious cuisine of the Kayah people and try the rice wine for the more adventurous! Along the winding roads, you may be able to see old abandoned stupas entangled in the vegetation, sacred trees with curious little niches as well as totems to which are suspended many traditional artifacts. Welcome in the Eastern Mountains people lands !



There is a huge variety of landscapes and cultures in Myanmar. From the deep forest with 800 island archipelago at the very south of Myanmar up to the eternal snow covering the Himalayan mountains, with the greatest diversities of population in South-East Asia, the possibilities are countless. If you have a specific trip in mind, we are ready to tailored it with you.


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No. 73/14, Pearl Street, Ye Aye Queen Qrt. , Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar

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M-RIDE COMPANY LIMITED is incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Act 2017, as a private limited liability company registered at number 118950208, with Tourism License number T/I (SHN)-0077 delivered by Ministry of Hospitality and Tourism (MOHT).



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